Flea Infestation

Having a flea infestation is very common if you have a house with a garden or you have pets. Once you have one is going to take a very long time to solve the situation. You should be aware that a flea infestation is not just something very annoying to deal with but it is also something dangerous. Since they are parasites, fleas can transmit diseases and be a risk to your pets’ health and yours.

flea infestation

How to get rid of flea infestation

In the case you have pets, the first thing to do is to remove fleas from them. You are going to be sure your pets have been attacked if they are scratching more than usual. What you should do is to check inside their fur, particularly in the neck and the tail area. To help you, you can use a flea comb, a comb that will allow you to check inside the hair and that will trap fleas at the same time. If you find any, drop them into soapy water to kill them. Remember to treat all the pets. If you only eliminate fleas from one, they can always jump back from another.

To get rid of fleas from your pets, you can also use some flea repellent. You can choose from different options:

  • spray
  • spot-on
  • shampoo
  • collar

All of these products can help you to eliminate fleas from your pets, but there is something you should know about them. Most of them contain toxic chemicals which are going to be very dangerous for your animals. You can just read the information sheet of any of them to know that if for example the product is either licked, inhaled or ingested, it can be very harmful. This is why I suggest you to use a natural flea repellent, which contains ingredients that are completely safe for your animals.

Flea infestation in house

Usually flea infestation happens during summer or when the weather is hotter. Fleas need humid and hot temperature to hatch their eggs and be able to complete their life cycle. This is why often they decide to settle inside houses where the temperature is going to be perfect even when outside is going to be very cold. If you have a flea infestation in your home it is going to take a lot of time to get rid of them, especially if you have pets and you let them inside. But to get rid of dog fleas or cat fleas is not going to be easy if your house is infested too.

You will find fleas inside your carpets, pillowcases, bed sheets or in any dark and dusty area of your house. This means that to get rid of them you will have to clean your house from top to bottom. Vacuum everywhere, especially behind and underneath furniture. Wash all the things that are washable like mattress cover or blankets.

If you have pets wash also everything that belongs to them and make sure to clean very careful their space and places where they usually are. Keeping your house clean is going to be the first step. Using then a flea repellent to make sure fleas are going to be completely exterminated and will not come back in the future is going to be the last.

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