Human Fleas

Human fleas are a very particular type of fleas and they are also known as Pulex irritans. They are small external parasites which compared to dog fleas and cat fleas present some specific characteristics.

As you might know, we are not immune to fleas’ attacks and flea bites on human are very common. The type of fleas that generally attacks us is 1-3 mm long, and its shape is similar to a drop. Its color is black or dark brown and usually it does not jump too high.

humam fleas

You have to keep in mind that sometimes also dog fleas and cat fleas can attack us and bite us. Today, fleas on humans are very rare. This is because of the increase hygiene and sanitary conditions of our cities. However, it is still possible to encounter them in the countryside, especially near farm animals.

Flea bites on humans

The first symptom of an attack of fleas on human is itchiness and a burning sensation after the bite. The pain sometimes can last for few days or even a week. Usually, this type of fleas do not attack our upper body, since it is not able to jump too high. This is why they are going to bite you on your legs or ankles. Their bites do not cause isolated raised bumps on the skin like mosquito bites but more flat bumps. They usually will bite you two or three times in a very small area.

Flea bites causes itch, discomfort and the area around the bite can be sore or painful. I suggest you to not scratch it because you might irritate the skin and cause bacterial infections. Symptoms can be sometimes very strong especially if you are allergic to their saliva. If you are I strongly suggest to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Prevention and how to treat fleas on humans

Flea bites on humans can be treated in different ways. It is very important to make sure you will not irritate more the area of the bite while you are trying to cure it.

In case you fell itch, doctors usually prescribe hydrocortisone creams that can ease the it and cure the reddening of the skin. However, these creams have many side effects and even if they can alleviate the pain at first, they might cause in the future the same symptoms you were trying to fight.

Some people have a hot bath with dish soap to ease the pain of flea bites. This is because dish soap is known to be very effective in killing fleas. However, even if the soap is actually good for this, it is too aggressive for the skin. My suggestion is to NOT USE this method since it can cause irritation and worsening your problem instead of solving it.

On the other hand, I strongly suggest you to keep your house always clean. You should know that fleas prefer darker and humid places. This is why they will infest your carpets, couches, pillowcases and curtains. It is very important you clean these areas to prevent any infestation of your house.

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